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The aim of 11Plus for Parents is to assist parents who wish to help their children through the 11 Plus.

If you live in an area that has Grammar Schools
and you wish your child to attend one of them,
then like it or not, your child will have to sit the '11 Plus'.

List of Grammar School areas

The format of the test differs depending on where you live
but the main components are:-


Mathematics       Maths Index

Your child should be familiar with all the Key Stage 2 objectives and have a thorough understanding of the basics and be able to solve problems using this knowledge. Visit the 'Maths' pages to find out exactly what they are expected to know and how to make sure that any gaps in their learning are addressed.

Verbal Reasoning (VR)

This is not taught in the National Curriculum and can be thought of as a way of testing your child's potential, not just how good they are at learning. VR requires a good vocabulary and involves problems with words, sequences, codes and logic. There are 21 different types of VR questions and not all LEA's include all of these types in their exam. However, your child needs to understand how to identify these questions and what is required to answer them. Visit the 'Verbal Reasoning' section to learn more.

Non Verbal Reasoning (NVR)

This is also not taught in the National Curriculum and involves solving problems that are represented graphically with pictures and diagrams. These questions can also be broken down into different types and again your child needs to understand how to identify them and have a strategy on how to answer them. Visit the 'Non Verbal Reasoning' section to find out more.


The English paper varies greatly, dependant on your LEA. In some LEA's, the English paper is only looked at if your child's results from the other tests are borderline or may only be used in an appeal situation. The test usually entails writing a story on a given theme and there may be a comprehension test consisting of a text to be read by the pupil and then a series of questions to determine how the child has interpreted and understood the text.

In Kent, the 11 Plus is changing format in 2014 - for more information
please visit the Kent Test page.

Key Stages and Attainment Levels Explained

That's quite a lot of material to cover and I know from personal experience that when you first look at it the task ahead seems daunting. But that is what '11Plus for Parents' is here for - to help you to help your child pass the 11Plus and get into the school of your choice.



11 Plus Secrets (How to Get Your Child In To Grammar School -
A Step By Step Guide) [Kindle Edition]

This Kindle book - has been written by a parent about his daughters
experiences throughout the preparation for sitting the 11 plus.

Well worth reading for parents considering whether their child
should sit the '11 Plus'.

 The Ultimate List of 11 Plus (11+) Resources: Past Papers, Guides and Expert Advice
"Covers all the Maths, Verbal, Non-verbal and Spatial Reasoning that is required to successfully sit the test with clear explanations and practice worksheets with answers."

         What can I do?      How can I help?   OK - You've made the decision that your child is going to pass the 11Plus.

What now?

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