11 Plus Mathematics Index

Key Stage 2 maths is divided into 4 sections:

Number - Handling Data - Shape and Space - Measurement



Times Tables     Place Value     Addition     Subtraction

Multiplication     Multiplication Tips

Division            Division Tips

Inverse     Factors

Negative numbers     Square Numbers     Cube Numbers

Square root     Prime numbers     Consecutive numbers

Roman Numerals     Sequences     Triangular Numbers



Algebra and Equations      Balancing Equations

Rearranging Equations        Worked Examples

Order of Operations - BODMAS / BIDMAS

Function Machines



What is a fraction? - Numerators and Denominators

Proper Fractions, Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers

Converting Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions

Equivalent Fractions         Simplifying Fractions

Adding Fractions      Subtracting Fractions

Multiplying Fractions        Dividing Fractions

Comparing Fractions       Fractions Recap



The Decimal System    Adding and Subtracting Decimals

Multiplying Decimals      Dividing Decimals

Ordering Decimal Numbers     Converting Decimals to Fractions


Percentages    Percentages, Decimals and Fractions

Ratio and Proportion   


Handling Data

Frequency Tables      Pictograms      Bar Charts

Pie Charts      Line Graphs      Carroll Diagrams

Venn Diagrams      Mean, Median, Mode and Range

Probability 1      Probability 2 


Shape and Space

Circles      Angles      Terminology      Triangles

Quadrilaterals      Polygons      Bearings and Compass Directions

3D shapes - cubes, spheres, prisms, pyramids, cones etc.

3D Shape - Nets      Perimeters of 2D Shapes

Area of 2D Shapes       Volume of 3D Shapes

Capacity              Coordinates

Reflections     Translation      Rotation     Congruent and Similar

   Line Symmetry            Rotational Symmetry



Length      Mass (Weight)      Capacity/Volume

Reading Scales          Time          Timetables


Number - Handling Data - Shape and Space - Measurement


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