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Do I need a Tutor?

This is an important decision to make early on in the process - don't expect a tutor to work miracles two weeks before the test! Yes, it can be expensive, private tuition costs from £15 to £35 depending on experience and whether they travel to you or you go to them. However, a good tutor can be very beneficial for the child and can help to reduce some of the stress.

Children often work better for other people than they do for their parents!

Ask other parents at the school gate if they can recommend a good tutor. Check that they are trustworthy - Ask to see a current CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) certificate and find out if they have any teaching qualifications.

Ask how they will tailor their sessions to suit your child.

You still need to understand the requirements of the 11Plus and be able to help - 1 hour a week with a tutor is not enough!

Check on the Local Tutors page to find a tutor near you. I cannot guarantee or recommend any of these tutors - you need to check them out for yourself.

You can search for Tutors in your area at:

Find Good Tutors and Tutor Hunt

If you live in Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, Rochester or St Albans then you may find
Bright Young Things worth looking into.

Telephone .. 02077 230506        Email

If you are a Tutor

If would like to be added to the Local Tutors pages, please contact '11Plus For Parents' by email with your details and I will include you.

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