CGP 11+ Books

OK - You've made the decision that your child is going to pass the 11 Plus.

What now?

Are you going to help them through it yourself (with help from '11Plus from Parents') or are you going to use a Tutor?

Even if you use a Tutor, you still need to understand the requirements so that you can check that everything is being covered. I recommend that you don't rely on 11 Plus classes or group tutoring - they are fine for additional study, but this is an individual challenge and you need to be able to tailor the learning to the specific requirements of your child.

Have you got the time?

Are you capable of helping them?      Why not find out?

I suggest that you take the test and see how well you get on!

Follow the links below to download some sample papers.


Verbal Reasoning

Non Verbal Reasoning


Don't forget - you also have a time limit - 50 minutes!

11 Plus for Parents Homepage  How did you get on? - Topics and Objectives  11 Plus for Parents, Topics and Objectives


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