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11 Plus Verbal Reasoning

Type L - Alphabet Series/Sequence

With this type of question you are required to work out the sequence (or sequences) of pairs of letters that are shown and to complete the series by filling in the blanks.

It is important that your child understands the concept of sequences before attempting this. Work through Number Sequences and Patterns first.

The actual test questions involve pairs of letters, but it is best to begin with single letters and to become familiar with the different types of relationships that can make up the sequences.

As with numbers, a useful strategy for dealing with sequences is to write them down, giving enough space to draw and label the hops from one term to another.

Verbal Reasoning Type L single letter practice

VR Type L single

Download a printable version of this worksheet (including answers and explanation)

Verbal Reasoning Type L single letter worksheet


So far, we have looked at sequences involving single letters. Hopefully, your child will have understood the concept and is using the strategy of drawing the hops and labeling them to identify the rule.

When your child is comfortable with working out these sequences, move on to the next step - Verbal Reasoning Type L using pairs of letters - this is what they will see in the exam.

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