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If you have been looking, you will no doubt have discovered that there is an awful lot of material out there. Both on the internet and available from bookshops etc.

I have spent many hours trawling the Internet for resources to help children understand the requirements of the 11 Plus.

There are some very good websites that I will recommend and indeed link to. A lot of information is freely available, but you may have to register to get a username and password to access some of the resources. All of the websites that I use which require registration have not caused me any problems with viruses or malware. Some do send e-mails promoting their resources and services, but nothing that I would consider to be spam.

Some websites do offer extra services for a subscription and you may like to subscribe for a short period before the actual test to take advantage of the online tests and assessment which can be invaluable.

Nearer the time of the test, practice tests are available to purchase from this website and through online stores such as Amazon or readily available from High St booksellers.

Visit the Recommended Books page for an idea of what books are available.

I will also introduce you to websites that teachers use to share resources that they have created and found useful for various topics.


Lastly, before you get stuck into the topics, please bear in mind that '11Plus for Parents' is a work in progress and I will be constantly adding pages - so if I haven't covered the exact subject that you are working on, keep checking back.

Also feel free to contact me with any ideas or requests.


11 plus practice papers   11 plus practice papers   11 plus practice papers

Free 11 Plus Practice Papers designed specifically as a learning aid, not just to test your childs ability. They will help you to find the gaps in understanding that need to be addressed before moving on to the official practice papers.


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