12/13 plus - Common Entrance - Practice Papers

These are often used by grammar schools, private schools and English speaking schools abroad to evaluate potential students who are already in year 7/8 and wish to join the school. CAT4

These tests assess a pupil’s ability to reason with and manipulate different types of material, through a series of Verbal, Non-verbal, Quantitative and Spatial Reasoning questions.

These practice tests comprise of:

Verbal Reasoning questions - Verbal Similarity and Verbal Connections

Verbal Similarity:  You are given three words which are related or similar in some way. You need to choose a word from the following five options that matches the first three words in the same way.
Verbal Connections:  You are given three words. The first two words are connected in some way. You need to choose a word from the five options that will connect to the third word in the same way as the first two words.

Quantitative Reasoning questions - Number Connections and Number Sequences

Number Connections:  You are given two sets of numbers which are connected together in some way. A third set has a similar connection. You need to identify the connection in the first two sets and then choose the correct answer from the options given.
Number Sequences:  You are given a set of numbers which form a sequence. You are required to find the number that would complete the sequence.

Non-verbal Reasoning questions - Figure Relationship and Figure Grids

Figure Relationship:  Three shapes to the left of a vertical line demonstrate a relationship between the shapes. Decide what the relationship is and then select one of the five shapes to the right of the vertical line which has the same relationship.
Figure Grids:  You are given a square grid on the left. All but one of these squares contain symbols or shapes. You are required to determine which of the options to the right would best complete the grid.

Spacial Ability questions - Figure Analysis and Figure Recognition

Figure Analysis:  With this type of question you are given a picture of a piece of paper which is then folded a number of times and then has holes punched in it. You have to choose from the five options what the paper would look like when unfolded.
Figure Recognition:  With this type of question you are given a target shape. This shape is ‘hidden’ within one of the five options.


CAT4 12plus practice papers

These practice papers have been designed to familiarise your child with these types of questions and to give them something to practise with before sitting the test.

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Included in the Email are a set of practice papers (with answers) for each of the 8 types described above.

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