11 Plus Spatial Reasoning

Figure Analysis

With this type of question you are given a picture of a piece of paper which is
folded a number of times and then has holes punched in it.

You have to choose from the five options what the paper would
look like when unfolded.

Let's look at an example.


The image on the top left shows the piece of paper unfolded with the arrow
showing which type of fold is made.

The second image on the top shows the result of this fold.

The lower images (labelled 'a' to 'e') are the options.

In this example, the paper was folded once and then the hole was
punched through both layers of paper.

This means that there are now two holes punched in the paper.

When the paper is unfolded the top half of the paper has a hole in it and the lower half also has a hole which corresponds with the upper hole.

The correct choice is therefore ‘d’.

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NVR Spatial Reasoning - Figure Analysis worksheet


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