11 Plus Non Verbal Reasoning

Type 5 - 'Missing Sequence'

With this type of question you are given five boxes to the left of a vertical line. Four of these boxes contain symbols or shapes and one box is empty. To the right of the vertical line are five boxes labelled 'a' to 'e' containing symbols which are the possible answers.
The symbols in the boxes to the left form a sequence.

You are required to determine which of the boxes to the right would best complete the series of boxes on the left.

Remember that the figures and diagrams consist of lines, shapes and shading/patterns. The shapes can shift in various ways. (rotate, reflect and transpose). The shapes can change in many ways. (increase/decrease, add and copy). They can consist of a movement, size or number sequence.

Non Verbal Reasoning Type 5

Begin by looking at the symbols within the boxes on the left and try to work out what the sequence is. In this case the symbols are all a white, five pointed star with one of the points of the star black. You should be able to see that the star is rotated one fifth of a turn clockwise as the sequence progresses.

Now you have discovered the sequence it is just a case of deciding what symbol from the selection of boxes on the right would complete the sequence. In this case it would be 'b'.

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