11 Plus Non Verbal Reasoning

Type 4 - 'Code Breaker'

With this type of question you are given four boxes to the left of a vertical line containing symbols or shapes. Associated with each of the boxes are two letters. To the right of the vertical line is another box containing symbols and a set of five pairs of letters, labelled a to e.

The letters associated with the boxes are a code that determines what symbols or shapes are contained within the box.

You are required to work out the code - ie. what symbol/shape does each letter represent? After identifying the code, you need to decide which letters would represent the shapes and symbols in the box to the right of the vertical line.

Remember that the figures and diagrams consist of lines, shapes and shading/patterns. The shapes can shift in various ways. (rotate, reflect and transpose). The shapes can change in many ways. (increase/decrease, add and copy). They can consist of a movement, size or number sequence.

Non Verbal Reasoning Type 4 - 'Code Breaker' practice

Non Verbal Reasonong Type 4 worksheet


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Non Verbal Reasoning Type 4 worksheet

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