11 Plus Non Verbal Reasoning

Type 2 - 'Odd One Out'

With this type of question you are given a set of five pictures. Four of these pictures are related in some way while the fifth is different. You are required to identify which picture is unlike the others. In other words - to find the odd one out.

Remember that the figures and diagrams consist of lines, shapes and shading/patterns. The shapes can shift in various ways. (rotate, reflect and transpose). The shapes can change in many ways. (increase/decrease, add and copy). They can consist of a movement, size or number sequence.

Non Verbal Reasoning Type 2

Look first at two of the pictures, say 'a' and 'b' and see if you can see a relationship between the shapes. In this case you should see that the relationship is that the same shape is repeated, but reduced in size with the largest at the back and the smallest at the front.

If you cannot see a relationship, you may have chosen the picture that is the odd one out - choose two of the others and check again.

When you have found the relationship or 'rule', check each image in turn to see if the 'rule' applies, until you find the picture that is different.

In this case we have found the rule by looking at 'a' and 'b'. Now look at 'c' does the rule apply? - Yes. Now look at 'd' does the rule apply? - No - The shapes reduce in size but the largest is in the middle - so 'd' looks like the odd one out. Check 'e' just to make sure - does the rule apply? - Yes. OK - The odd one out is 'd'.


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